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Meditation Retreats

There are meditation retreats throughout the year at Jampel Kadampa Buddhist Centre. Through listening, contemplating and meditating on these retreats we can improve our concentration, strengthen our positive energy and achieve special feelings of clarity and tranquillity that will allow us to gain spiritual realisations and freedom from problems of this life and our countless future lives.  Through meditation and retreat, we can make our human life truly meaningful.  You can attend all or part of the retreats, each session is self contained and includes prayers and guided meditations. This retreat will be of benefit to everyone, regardless of experience. No need to book, just turn up. Everyone is welcome.

Please arrive 10 mins before each session. FREE, Donations welcome. There are walking tracks nearby the centre so you can take a walk during the break or alternatively volunteer or relax at the centre and peruse the Kadampa Buddhist library... See below for details and times.

 January Lamrim Retreat

Fri 3 - Thu 9 Jan
Venue: Jampel Buddhist Centre
Suggested Donation £7 (per day of retreat)

Through meditating and contemplating sincerely on lamrim we can can solve your daily problems such as the problems of anger, attachment, jealousy and ignorance. You can maintain a peaceful mind all the time so that you will be happy all the time. You can maintain harmony and good relationships with your family, friends and others so that you can make others happy too. Especially you can make your human life very meaningful.

Lamrim Retreat Session times:
Session 1         7.45am - 9am         
Session 2        10.45am – 12pm
Session 3         4.30pm -  5.45pm       
Session 4         7.30 - 8.45pm

(Wishfulfilling Jewel with food offerings: 12.15pm - 1.00pm  |  Sun 5 Jan)


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